Financial Committee

The following residents was elected to the Financial Committee

Martelise Bester

B Compt.Hons, STR, GR (SA)

Address: Riethaanry 15, Woodland Hills

Tel: 084 6036831

Danie Grobler CA (SA) (Voorsitter)

Director: Ducharme Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Address: Swartwitpens 119

Tel: 071 603 8543

The Following Trustees was nominated by the Board to Serve on the Financial Committee

Prof. J.D. Nortje

Former Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at the UFS

Address: Hillandale Lifestyle Village 115

Tel: 082 683 3382

Mnr Pieter Malan

Trustee nominated by Developer

Prof. Arrie Schoonwinkel

Address: Laksmonlaan 18

Tel: 0836254699

Madeleen Jansen

Financial Manager

Tel: 0726417352

Henk Smith

Address: Pelikoon Parade 47

Tel: 0824520080

Marius Van Jaarsveld

Address: Swartwitpens 87

Tel: 0828498269

Prof.Barry Frey

Address: Swartwitpens 99

Tel: 0834621963