Sectional title developments within the Estate

Various sectional title units have been developed within the estate. All these sectional title developments are managed by their own body corporate and Trustees, appointed in terms of the Sectional Title Act. Although it operates independently from the Estate, these developments and residents are still subject to the Rules of the Estate. All facilities on the Estate, such as the hiking trails, game routes and tennis courts are also there for residents to make use of.

Hillandale Lifestyle Village (for persons over 50), comprises 145 one-, two- and three-bedroomed units and deserve specific mentioning. All units in this development are registered under sectional title. This unique development includes among others a bowling green with modern clubhouse. The residents of the Lifestyle Village have the option of enjoying three meals a day at the Health Care Centre at very reasonable tariffs. Residents of Hillandale Lifestyle Village may also participate in the Lifestyle Programmes offered by the Hillandale Health Care Centre.